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The BPE department at Morton Academy offers students a diverse and study of people from different faith groups and world views. Our schemes of work reflect the demands of national guidelines, the United Learning curriculum and the make up of the local community. We aim to inspire students’ curiosity about people who live by different values and lifestyles and encourage students to reflect on their own beliefs and ideals.

Our students complete their studies both thematically, for example looking at our ‘Journey Through Life’ in Year 8 and examining the beliefs and practices of world faiths. In Year 9 we also begin to examine philosophical and ethical topics which will prepare students for a potential GCSE course.

The aim of BPE is for all students to consider the variety of beliefs and values in our world today and to develop a respect and tolerance for all. Along side this, students will be challenged to develop and express their own perspective on questions of faith, meaning and morality. We share this goal with our students: ‘Considering different world views in the search for meaning in life and in questions of right and wrong.’

In a largely monocultural area it is important that students are exposed to a wide variety of faith traditions, their beliefs, practices, food, architecture, clothing and culture. We ensure that our students develop the essential knowledge to become informed global citizens with the curiosity to explore others’ beliefs and values. Through careful planning and teaching we ensure this is framed in the local, national and global context. We encourage students to explore moral and philosophical questions and issues, ensuring that students have access to a wide variety of thinking to support this.

CIAG is integral to all part of the curriculum and whilst it may be true to say that BPE is not a requirement for specific careers it is nevertheless respected by employers. Where appropriate we will reference specific careers, for example, looking at lawyers who work in human rights cases or medical professionals who have to deal with ethics of treatment in the health service. Our lessons also promote the importance of employability skills such as the analysis of different viewpoints, problem solving where differences occur and presentation of information and ideas.

Lyn Sunman - Subject Leader

Rachael Ryan - Teacher of RE/PD

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