Covid and Year 7 Catch-up Funding

Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium is additional funding provided to schools by the government to help support students to ‘catch up’ in English and Maths. Funding is provided for each Year 7 student who has not achieved a raw score of 95 in reading and/or maths at Key Stage 2 to provide additional tuition or intensive support in small groups, giving students valuable support to bring them up to speed so that they are more likely to succeed at secondary school. 

It is down to schools to decide how the funding is spent to best support their students needs, however, it is expected that it will be used to deliver additional literacy and numeracy catch-up during Year 7 as evidence shows that this can make a critical difference to students at this important stage of their educational journey.

The students in Year 7 who are eligible for the premium in literacy due to having a raw score of 95 and below in their KS2 Reading and or SPAG SAT.

In literacy we deliver a mixture of 1:1, paired and small group sessions.  A child is allocated based on level of need. Sessions take place during lessons and tutor time or lessons, avoiding where possible core subject withdrawal. Catch up intervention is delivered by two highly skilled English teachers during formal timetabled slots.

We use a variety of programmes with students including Ruth Miskin Fresh Start reading intervention, IDL, Alpha and Omega. In addition to this the literacy team also research and create new resources specific to individuals. This ensures focus is not only on reading but also on comprehension and SPAG. During the sessions, students will focus on building their skill level and how to transfer their skills across all subjects.

The students in Year 7 who are eligible for the premium in numeracy due to having a raw score of 95 and below in their KS2 SAT

In numeracy we deliver small group, paired and 1:1 intervention depending on the level of need of the student. This proves to be the most effective method of support for the students, they retain more of what they learn and explore due to the method of repetition. Intervention is timetabled and delivered by a Maths teacher who has expertise in closing the gap by ensuring students become more skilled and able to use these skills to problem solve.

We use a combination of Sparx and practical numeracy resources to support student’s learning.  In addition to direct teaching, students are shown the questions where they have performed the weakest in and this links to the specific Hegarty Maths lessons where they can watch video examples and then complete a mini quiz which tests that skill. This can be monitored by the class teacher and the intervention leader.

Regular assessments take place at the end of each topic in addition to whole school assessments, this ensure that the students are monitored and tracked, with timely intervention as needed.



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